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Erich Russell

Winemaker and  Personal Wine Buyer

Welcome to Passione Divina's Personal Wine Buyer. At Passione Divina, we are passionate about all things wine! Winemaker, Erich Russell is dedicated to helping you find the perfect bottle for any occasion. Whether you're a seasoned connoisseur or a beginner, he will search through a vast selection of wines from around the world to suit your taste. With his personalized recommendations and exceptional customer service, Erich will make it easy to discover new and exciting wines that you'll love. Contact us today and experience the joy of finding the perfect wine!

Personal Service

Erich Russell has 40 years of experience making wine. Buying wine for customers has been his hobby and now he is ready to help you. Erich is an expert in Italian and French wines and will find you the best vintages and prices from each region. The problem with buying wine in the store is many times they only have off-vintages (vintages that are not the best years, or past drinking prime). These stores are dumping grounds for these off-vintage wines because they know most of us don't know the difference. There is a huge difference!

Personal Touch

Looking for something special can be overwhelming and intimidating. Erich will take the time to help you feel comfortable and make informed decisions in a pressure-free, welcoming way. Erich will introduce you to unique and delicious wines you never heard of. For example, when you think of Italian white wine, we will find you Vernaccia, Trebbiano, Soave, Vermentino, and Arneis, not  just Pinot Grigio.

Special Wines from Italy

Erich has made wonderful friends in Italy and can offer you rare wines shipped directly from the winery. These wines are not sold in the United States and are discounted if they are purchased through us.  Specifically, we have partnered with Daniele Rosti of Campochairenti Winery in San Gimignano, Italy. Daniele makes some of the best Chianti and Vernaccia wines we have ever tasted. You really need to try these wines. Send us a note below to inquire.

Special Deals and Perks

Great news! By working with us, you'll have access to exclusive deals such as discounted or free shipping. The best part is you pay only a 15% commission on your order. Most orders will be discounted over the 15% commission in savings just by buying from Erich since many stores mark their wines up way over 15%. Plus, you'll get access to wine sales and bundles that make your wine shopping experience even easier. Cheers to that!

Find the perfect wine gift

We are here to help you find the perfect wine gift for your loved ones or friends. With Erich's expertise, he will ask the right questions to help you find the ideal wine that will impress even the most discerning wine connoisseur. Whether you're shopping for a foodie or a lover of luxury wine, Erich will guide you every step of the way to ensure you make the perfect choice.

Say hello to the exclusive world of wine and let Erich make wine buying a breeze for you. Text or email us at 805-249-0252 or email Or send us the contact form below:


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