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2020 California White Wine (100% Paso Robles Fruit)

2020 California White Wine (100% Paso Robles Fruit)


100% Paso Robles Fruit

50% Viognier / 50% Chardonnay

Grown and Produced from the Russell Family Paso Robles Vineyard


This is definitely a red wine drinker's white wine! This Viognier /Chardonnay blend is extremely full-bodied, due to oak aging and malolactic fermentation. It has a very smooth, soft mouthfeel with low acid and little to no “bite.” We made this wine to be the ultimate porch pounder - something simple and yummy that can be enjoyed super-chilled on a hot summer day.


This wine was made by the Russell family in Paso Robles! This is Joanne's everyday Chardonnay now that her JoJo Chard is sold out. This wine is made from the same grapes as JoJo 2022 Chardonnay. Great price- won't last long! 




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