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Olive Oil Soap (4.8 oz each)

Olive Oil Soap (4.8 oz each)

The Soap - Scratch-made body soap by the old-world method of stirring saponified extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, and palm kernel oil with distilled water to form "real soap."


Made with 80% extra virgin olive oil.


Joanne personally makes her soap by hand. The ingredients are measured by weight and combined at the exact temperature to ensure saponification.  Stirring with an immersion blender speeds up the process. Each batch takes 8-10 minutes to convert from oil/salt to soap. The mixture is poured by hand into molds and cured for 3 weeks before cutting into bars. We do not use plastic molds as we prefer custom-made wooden ones.  Our soap is the real thing and is made with 80% extra virgin olive oil as the foundation. Use on face and body. Do not get into the eyes as the oil can irritate them.


    Olive Diva soaps are very gelatinous due to a large amount of extra virgin olive oil, therefore please follow care below.

    · Unwrap soap as soon as possible in humid climates.  Keep soap as dry as possible after use.

    · If you do not have an aerated soap dish, rest the soap bar on its end to dry; do not let the bar dry on the large flat side on a ledge or it will stick.

    · When soap becomes small, press together with another moist, new bar of olive diva soap to form a single piece.

    Olive Diva soaps are hand-made, stirred, poured, cut and wrapped, therefore, slight imperfections may be present.

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