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SANGIOVESE 2022 (100% California Fruit)

SANGIOVESE 2022 (100% California Fruit)


Sangiovese 2022

100% California Sangiovese

Only 50 cases were made for the US

730 cases were made for Denmark


This wine is made in the old-world style and reflective of great Sangiovese!  


The grapes were crushed to a tank and left to start fermentation naturally. There was no cold soaking, or Saignée (juice bleed-off). Fermentation usually starts in a few days. Since natural yeast is not as strong as the new modern freeze dried strains, natural fermentation will take longer. This results in a more raw, pure grape flavor left in the wine. The grapes were left on the skins several weeks to let malolactic fermentation also begin naturally. After fermentation, the wine was pressed to older barrels. No new oak was used in its production. The wine was bottled without filtration or fining in November of 2023 to preserve the natural freshness of the grapes with 100% minimal intervention in the entire process. No artificial acid was used in its production which is rare for California wines. This was made possible by the cooler mountain location of the vineyard.


Tasting- Lively aromas open to layers of cherry blossoms followed by a pretty floral expression of red rose. Our 2022 Sangiovese is full-bodied and backed by a subtle herbaceous component that gives balance to an abundance of fruit. This is a memorable wine with a tantalizing mouth feel and a smooth, lingering finish.


"We cracked this tonight. Old world style. No new oak. Balanced, fresh, ripe and juicy. Amazing with my Ribollita. Would be a great ringer for a Radda tasting. Bravo! @RussellVine1981 #Tuscanvines" JF Tuscan Vines.


"This could only be made by a winemaker that understands Sangiovese and Tuscany. This isn’t a California Sangiofandel. It’s a true reflection of the grape. Yes, a *tad* riper. But trust me, the winemaker nailed it." JF Tuscan Vines





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