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Ole Jensen

Lundens Vin Kompagni A/S

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Staktoften 22, Port 7, Trørød

2950 Vedbæk, Denmark

A Bit About our Distributor: Ole Jensen and Lundens Vin

Lundens Vin Kompagni started importing wines in the 80s from various areas in Europe. Like so many others, the inspiration came on holiday trips, and the customers were typically friends and acquaintances.

As the years went by, the customer base expanded, and with annual sales of approx. 40,000 bottles, the effort is no longer quite at the hobby level - in any case, it is a very time-consuming hobby - but also a really nice hobby that we are passionate about.

It is only in recent years that the effort has become more targeted. Instead of having something from many areas, the product range has been changed to four specific wine areas: Wines from California, and Oregon. New Zealand and the Barolo area.

As more and more people open their eyes to the fact that Californian wines are easy to find and that you get a lot for your money, the desire to delve into the Californian wine treasury has become greater and greater and the selection of wines more and more structured, and it naturally gave us a detour north to Oregon, where they also make lovely Pinot Noir wines. Pinot Noir has always been our favorite grape, and although it is not an easy grape to grow, many winemakers have the courage to make wine from this magnificent grape. Pinot Noir wines vary in taste from vintner to vintner and from country to country, which has also led us to New Zealand, where we are also very excited about their Sauvignon Blanc wines.

If you have to say that we have a home field, it is the Barolo area, which we visited for the first time in 1984. Since then, there have been several annual visits, and this is also the reason why we can present several wineries, most of which are unknown to a wider circle, but these are wines of very high class at very moderate prices.

However, all the wines we import are the result of a longer search process, and we have personal relationships with all the wineries from which we import.

It is our aim that our customers should be presented with the best we have tasted. If we are right, only tasting the wines in our range can confirm the opposite, but despite tastes and preferences being different, we are sure that everyone can find several wines in our range that you will enjoy with great pleasure.


Lundens Vin Kompagni is also a decidedly family business, with primarily Jakob and Ole Jensen behind the activities, but as turnover and activity levels increase, the whole family is involved from time to time.

The turnover level is low, as we have no salaries, large marketing costs or local expenses apart from our warehouse, and all this should be reflected in the fact that our wines are "value for money".

Have fun and welcome! Ole Jensen


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